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We make what we love. We love what we do.

Joan Casas

Co-Founder & CEO

Joan is a young visionary person born with business initiative. Entrepreneur and IT engineer (Barcelona Tech), prior to uWhisp he has taken part in many projects of different companies. With uWhisp, he aims to humanize the social networks and build a useful tool for millions of users.

Miquel Las Heras

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Miquel Las Heras is a developer and designer specialized in web and mobile frontend. As a creative person he is always trying to find new ideas and solutions for everything. Born in a tiny town named La Canya, Garrotxa, while he was growing up he became more and more geek. At the age of 16, he coded his first web application, an e-commerce for his father. At the age of 18 he moved to Barcelona..

iuri aranda

Co-Founder & CTO

iuri is a "pure" geek that was born in a small country surrounded by mountains named Andorra. He is an all-terrain developer, specialized in system administration. iuri has also worked hard in Android development, browser extension development, and more recently NodeJs. He has worked as a software engineer developing software for smartcards in G&D for almost two years, until he decided to take his chance trying to rewrite the social networks laws. Let’s see what happens next!

Miquel Puig

Co-Founder & COO

uWhisp COO and Co-Founder. His main role is the management of the R+D department, the same position he occupied in previous companies where was trained. His current path is a result of his career backed up by his personal motivations and knowledge achieved during this period of time. This contribution is even more outstanding being complemented with his studies in IT engineering at the UPC.

Roger Gutierrez

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

More passionate than experienced, Roger is an economist always linked to financial topics of the entrepreneurship world. He started his professional career as a state employee and after 3 years he became a freelancer to help creating several companies and co-found his own. Like every financier does, he lives for and because of the numbers. Moreover, he also likes being involve in tax and corporate subjects. He lives on coffee!

Jan Badosa

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Since he was awarded the BA in Political Science degree, Jan has been working in the communication and marketing field. When he was young he was a radio speaker. He loves working in the design of strategic plans to put brands and clients in contact through any kind of media. Having a great sense of entrepreneurship, Jan has founded in the last years several companies based on digital platforms and he is currently working as a business developer in Digital Seed, a marketing and social media company he launched in 2008..

Victor Alloza

Software Developer

Born in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona, Victor, has always felt attracted by new technologies. He early discovered the IT app development, first by himself and then, he deeply learned the theoretical and practical basis. Thanks to his studies in IT engineering and his developing vocational training, he discovered the great potential the web can offer. Nowadays he is giving his soul to make uWhisp the project of his life. Will he succeed?

Artur Vilalta

Communication Director

The hyperactive character of Artur has led him to be the bridge between the brain (developers) and heart (users) of uWhisp. The last crewman of the ship and he has a great challenge between the eyes: To spread the voice of uWhisp all over the world. Passioned sports journalist has worked in several different media for over 10 years. His social media “freakiness” has lead him to study a master of branding strategy and digital marketing.

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